HDMI Repeater > Splitter

Part Number:EP9154S


EP9154S is a 4-Port DVI/HDMI 1.4b/HDMI 2.0a splitter with integrated HDCP 1.4 decryption/encryption engines. EP9154S receives DVI/HDMI 1.4b/HDMI 2.0a inputs, process HDCP 1.4 decryption and encryption again, then transmits the data to 4 DVI/HDMI 1.4b/HDMI 2.0a ports.


•On-chip HDMI Receiver and Transmitter core which are compliant with DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.4b and HDMI 2.0a specification
•On-chip HDCP RX/TX ciphers which are compliant with HDCP 1.4 specification
•Wide Frequency Range: 25MHz - 600MHz
•Support Jitter Clean capability for more cascadable stages
•Supports 12-bit Deep Full HD, Full 3D, HDR and 4K2K 60Hz video
•Supports 1 DVI/HDMI input port and 4 DVI/HDMI output ports
•Supports conversion of HDMI signalling to DVI/HDMI signalling
•Support on-chip 512 byte E-DDC EDID RAM for input port.
•Cascadable to make more than 4 output ports
•128-pin LQFP EPAD package

Block Diagram