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Part Number:EP94R3K



EP94R3K is an HDMI 1.4a 4-IN 1-OUT Repeater with ARC and Instant Port Switching (IPS) feature which is suitable for Audio Amplifier applications. The chip supports 4 HDMI input ports (Port 0, Port 1, Port 2 and Port 3), 4 HDCP ciphers, 1 HDMI output port and Audio Outputs in IIS and SPDIF. The audio output and HDMI output can be selected from the same or different sources. The chip supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) RX and is compliant with HDMI 1.4a. The chip supports SD/HD Audio and HD/3-D Video up to 225 Mhz TMDS clock. With 4 HDCP ciphers the chip supports very fast port switching without the need to redo HDCP authentication when port switching occurs. This feature is referred to as Instant Port Switching (IPS). The chip also supports 4 ports of on-chip EDID RAM to save system cost.


•On-chip 4-IN 1-OUT HDMI Repeater with Equalizer
•On-chip 4 HDCP ciphers which support Instant Port Switching (IPS). With this feature, port switching can be very fast because there is no need to redo HDCP authentication when port switching occurs.
•Support wide Frequency Range: 25MHz - 225MHz TMDS clock
•Supports SD/HD Audio and SD/HD/3-D Video
•Support HDMI 1.4a ARC (Audio Return Channel) RX
•Support IEC 60958-1 ARC audio stream in both Common Mode and Single Mode.
•On-chip HDMI Receiver and Transmitter core which are compliant with HDMI 1.4a specification
•On-chip HDCP Engine which supports Repeater and is compliant with HDCP 1.3 specification
•On-chip HDCP Keys.
•Supports 4 HDMI input ports (Port 0/1/2/3) with on-chip EDID RAM for each port.
•Supports 1 HDMI output port
•Audio Outputs and HDMI output can be from the same or different sources
•On-chip Audio Decoder which support 8-channel IIS/DSD and SPDIF audio outputs
•Supports Standard Audio, DSD Audio and HD (HBR) Audio
•Supports audio soft mute
•Supports SPDIF Channel Status extraction
•Register-programmable via slave IIC interface
•Flexible interrupt registers with interrupt pin
•Link On and Valid DE Detection
•Controllable tri-state for Audio output pins
•Low stand-by current (< 3mA) at power down mode
•128-pin LQFP package (E-PAD)

Block Diagram