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Part Number:EP9431F



EP9431F is a 4-port HDMI 1.3 switcher with integrated EDID and eFlash MCU.
The 4-port HDMI 1.3 switcher supports 4 HDMI input ports and one HDMI output port. Each HDMI input port is equipped with Input Equalizer to support long cable. The chip uses Re-Timed architecture which re-samples data at the receiver side and re-drive data at the transmitter side. This architecture will not pass through jitter noise from inputs to output and hence provides reliable transmission. The chip supports TMDS clock from 25 Mhz to 225 Mhz (12-bit color 1080p). The chip also supports DDC switches with active bi-directional buffer which is 5V tolerant. Hot-Plug and 5V-Input switches are also supported. These switches are 5V input tolerant with 3.3V output.
The chip supports 4 ports of on-chip EDID memory. Each port EDID memory is 256 bytes. Non-Volatile EDID memory can be implemented. EDID memory is accessible by DDC bus even when the system is powered down.
The on-chip eFlash MCU is an 8051 based Micro Controller with 64KB embedded Flash, 256 + 2KB RAM, Timers, Watchdog Timer, UART, IIC Slave, 10-bit ADC, and Remote Decoder. The MCU is powerful enough to implement CEC, Remote Decoding, Key-Pad Decoding and GPIO. Application reference C code is available and provided in free.


•Compliant with HDMI 1.3a/1.3b specification
•Support 4 HDMI input ports and 1 HDMI output port
•On-chip Equalizer which allows data transmission on long cables
•Re-Timed architecture which will not pass through jitter noise from inputs to output
•Supports 12-bit Deep Color 1080p
•Supports DDC switches and active buffers (5V tolerant)
•Supports Hot Plug switches and buffers (5V input tolerant, 3.3V output)
•Supports 5V-Input switches and buffers (5V input tolerant, 3.3V output)
•TMDS clock range: 25MHz - 225MHz
•Single 3.3V power
•Low power down current (20uA)
•128-pin LQFP package (Pb-Free)


Block Diagram